Guitar Lessons

There is no better feeling than learning how to play an instrument. Whether you are old or new, you can use your guitar to play anything from heavy metals to classical music and everything in between. Learning the guitar is more approachable than other instruments once you learn a few basics.

Tutti guitar lessons are designed to teach you the different techniques of playing the guitar and how to read guitar sheet music. You are trained on how to play by the earn and recognize the different keys used to compose a song as well as how how to get a clean sound from every string.

Guitar lesson available:

  1. Classical guitar
  2. Lead guitar
  3. Bass guitar

What you will learn:

  • Parts of a guitar, how to hold, tune and care for your instrument
  • The 3-numbering system and techniques to play
  • Basic strumming and strumming techniques
  • Basic chord samples and how to change chords smoothly
  • How to read sheet music

Tutti guitar lessons are designed to keep you motivated in your journey, and our class is always open for students who wish to practice their techniques. Practice is a vital part of our guitar lessons, because the only way to become a great guitarist is to love and practice your skill.

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