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Music Production School

If you are interested in music production, you might be confused about where to start, what to learn, and where to focus your efforts. Using the blueprint provided by our teachers, learn how to go from a complete beginner to a competent artist producing music for yourself and others.

To oversee the recording and production of a track, you need more than your creativity. You must learn how to use the different music software, how to balance sounds and instruments and how to record the music you make.

In our music production lessons, you will learn:
  • Basics of music production
  •  Understanding the basics of music production software
  •  Audio engineering and everything you should know
  •  Songwriting, arranging, tracking, editing, and mixing
  • Mastering your skills
  • How to read sheet music

The only rule in music product is knowing how to apply the rules and how to break them. no matter the type of music you hope to make, our classes will give you the skills you need to learn to stir your creativity and record hit after hit.


DJ School

Learning to be a DJ is much more than learning how to play songs. As a DJ you must learn how to match your musical expressions with the desired of your audience if you keep them on their feet dancing to the tune. Like any other skill, there is no route to overnight success and you must put in the hours to perfect your skills.

Tutu DJ School has structured lessons to take you from rookie DJ to a pro. You learn the structure to set, mix of fly and get the crowd moving. You will learn how to use digital mixing methods as well as analog turntables.

DJ School lessons cover:
  • The basics of being a DJ and the equipment you need
  • Different types of DJs and how their techniques vary
  • How to use DJ software
  • Basic DJ skills and set up
  • Recording your mixes
  • Breaking out of the box and building a following
  • Marketing and pricing your services

Every journey starts with a single step, and to master your skills you need to learn the basics fundamentals and build on them. At Tutti, we believe in giving all our students a footing in their career by offering them guidance on how to monetize their skills. Join our next class and learn how to earn from your talent.

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