Music Theory

Do you want to take your music to professional levels?

Tutti Music Schools offers music theory lessons to guide you on the fundamental concepts professional musicians use to understand create, perform and analyze music.

These lessons are designed to allow you to understand the language of music.

Set with guidelines, you will learn to recognize different ways to express emotions with south, interpret musical compositions, and communicate with other musicians.

After the lessons, you will gain confidence in performing and creating music. Your creativity will be enhanced and you will develop a strong sense of musical awareness.

What you will learn:

  • Music basics-alphabets, scales, chords etc
  • How to read and interpret music
  • Music creativity and composition
  • Music harmony and it’s application to music today
  • And much more

Basic music theories you will interact with include key signatures, scales, chords, pitch, and other music fundamentals that are essential in creating music.

You will also learn the basic building blocks of music such as harmony, melody and rhythm. Join the next Music Theory Lesson at Tutti Music School and take your music to professional levels!