Piano Lessons

To get the best out of our piano lessons, Tutti students will work together with teachers and parents to create a positive and productive atmosphere. Tutti students are guided by teachers, supported by parents and guardians to facilitate the highest level of progress and achievement. We create a positive fun learning environment where Tutti Students enjoy work, learning and performing.

Our lessons are designed to evoke motivation and interest in all our students. Teachers focus on the development of the playing technique and create an atmosphere where the student can contribute by asking questions and enjoying themselves as they learn.

Our package includes:

  • 10, one-hour lessons a month
  • Regular practice during the week
  • A customized learning plan for each Tutti Student that is adaptable to fit different learning styles
  • Qualified teachers. All of our teachers have higher education training.
  • Music theory and reading sheet music

What you will learn:

Contemporary piano lessons

Would you like to learn how to play your favorite pop song? Take our contemporary lessons and learn how to play popular songs from your favorite musicians. These lessons are designed to teach you chord progressions, playing techniques and playing by the ear. The lessons are arranged according to your skill level, that is beginners, intermediate and expert levels. Our teachers will take you through each level as you learn how to play and perform your favorite songs.

Classic piano lessons

These lessons are based on classical performance and require intense sheet music training. Tutti students who undertake these lessons will learn how to play pieces from the most renowned musicians in the world, including Mozart and Burch. Students will also be registered for certification exams in ABRSM and LCM, which are internationally accredited certificates. Classic piano lessons will enable you to learn and play pop songs quickly through music listenership skills and reading sheet music.

Who are these lessons for?

Everybody can learn how to play the piano. Our lessons are meant for students of all ages from 5-year- olds. Every student is unique, and lessons are crafted to fit your unique capabilities and learning styles.