Book Consulation

We teach students from playgroup levels to PP2 to play the piano, a base instrument. At Tutti Music Services, we believe the piano is the perfect pre-primary instrument because it’s easy to learn. Additionally, playing the piano enhances the students’ fine motor skills and finger muscle strength. They’ll learn to write better and develop the strength to play other musical instruments.

For our playgroup students, we focus on building a good foundation by introducing simple music activities through action songs. Once they master basic concepts, they’ll start playing the piano in the third term before advancing to PP1.

PP1 students learn numbers, shapes, and colors. Therefore, we have adapted these concepts to our music curriculum. Our teachers teach the piano using numbers and colors for easier understanding and engagement. In PP2, we focus on enhancing their piano skills and encourage students to pick up another instrument.

At Tutti Music Services, we have developed an age-appropriate piano book to make learning more fun for pre-primary students. The book features fun nursery rhymes like London Bridge is falling down and Mary had a little lamp. Our students graduate to the primary level with the ability to play various nursery rhymes, Christmas carols, and the Kenyan National Anthem.

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