Violin Lessons

When you think of the violin, Vivaldi, Paganini, and Dancla are some of the classical composers who might cross your mind. Today, the violin plays in the spotlight of your popular songs in genres such as classical, rock, pop, and even electronic.

But all violinist must start by learning the basics. Our violin lessons cover proper posture and bow, holding your violin, all the way to advanced playing techniques such as vibrato, dynamics, and articulation.

Our package includes:

  • 10, one-hour lessons a month
  • Regular practice during the week
  • A customized learning plan for each Tutti Student that is adaptable to fit different learning styles
  • Qualified teachers. All of our teachers have higher education training.
  • Music theory and reading sheet music

What you will learn

Besides basic violin techniques, students who take the classic violin lessons will learn how to read sheet music and sharpen their listening skills to identify notes, keys, and chords in classical pieces and pop songs.

  • Learn violin parts, how to care for and tune your instrument
  • Posture, how to stand, where to play and how to position your left hand to support your violin
  • Coordination between playing and reading music
  • How to read sheet music

Everyone learns at a different pace depending on your music background, age, and commitment level. The real work begins once the class is over, so make sure you practice to master the skills.