Drums Lessons

Do you want to learn how to play drums but you are not sure where to begin? Drums are a rhythm instrument that help the listeners find the beat on time. In a band, drums help the other players know where the beat is going and changes in the music. Drums also help to embellish the song and give them flavor and bringing the song life.

The first step to adding flavor to a song is attending drums lessons where you learn and master the skills of playing the instruments. You need to have speedy reflexes and presence of mind, but with a little practice you will be drumming your way to any pop song.

What you learn during drums lessons:

  • The parts of a drum and their importance in music
  • Drum equipment you need as a drummer (beginner)
  • How to hold drum sticks
  • How to play drum rudiments
  • How to read drum sheet music
  • How to read drum tabs
  • How to find your drumming style and add embellishments in a song

Playing drums is not about hitting the drum bass, snare drum and cymbals. It requires tact and skills to give the other musicians the rhythm and beat. A drummer makes or breaks a song. Learn the skills you need to play drums by joining our drums lessons.