How to prepare for your first piano lesson

Once you’ve registered for a piano lesson in Nairobi, you must prepare yourself to attend the class. Learning how to play the piano is usually accompanied by a lot of excitement. It’s the most popular instrument among kids and adults alike, and also the easiest to learn. But you must prepare for your first class if you want to do well. These tips will help you get the best of your first lesson.

  1. Know what your goals are

Before registering for piano lessons in Nairobi, you should know what your goals are. Is there something specific you want to achieve? Do you want to become a performer? Are you adding another skill to what you already have? Or maybe building a hobby? 

Talking to your instructor about your goals so they can create a plan that helps you achieve them. Take notes and ask as many questions as possible. 

piano lessons

2.     Collect all the materials you need

Get a piano method book, or ask your tutor to recommend books you can use. Go through all the “getting started” sections in the books. They will provide a comprehensive breakdown of what you need for that first piano lesson. 

If your lessons are conducted in a school setting, such as Tutti Music School, the teacher will give you a lesson plan for your level and take you through your classes. This prepares you for each lesson, so you know where you are and where you are going. 

3.     Get the supplies you need 

Most beginner lessons do not need any supplies. However, it’s always great to have a pen and paper with you. You are likely learning new terms and hearing them for the first time, and you might not retain all of them at once. Writing them down will give you a point of reference.

4.     Have the desire to learn 

According to research, a desire to learn is more important than background knowledge. Piano lessons in Nairobi are no different. Remain positive about your classes and be eager to hear from your teacher. Tutors are trained to make the lessons enjoyable, which keeps your motivation high. However, your motivation to learn is what will keep you going back to class. 

5.     Prepare to practice

If you have access to a piano, practice before and after your lesson. It is vital to keep at it so that your skills can improve. Your tutor will provide simple pieces to play and practice with.

The advantages of studying piano are numerous, but to help show you how to get started, you will need an experienced and thoughtful instructor. If you are looking for piano lessons in Nairobi, contact us to join our next class and know what you need to invest. 

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