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Instrument Tuition in Schools

Instrument tuition is our core business at Tutti Music Services. We understand that not all schools have the capacity to purchase and maintain state-of-the-art music equipment in-house. Similarly, finding a music teacher who is well-versed in playing a wide range of instruments is challenging. This is where we come in.

We have a team of highly skilled music teachers who will visit your institution and offer comprehensive lessons. We also provide various musical instruments, so the youngsters have a wider selection, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance or logistics.

Our instructors specialize in drums, piano, violin, guitar, and voice lessons. We aim to add variety to our lessons, and in 2023, Tutti Music Services will add trumpet and saxophone lessons to our curriculum. The students will get to select their desired musical instrument and work with an instructor to solidify their skills.

Payment is made per instrument termly, and the school doesn’t pay for the teachers. Tutti Music Services handles the staff salary, equipment maintenance, and general logistics. This way, learners can focus on enhancing their musical skills. 

Our primary goal for institution tuition is to offer affordable lessons for schools that lack adequate resources to have in-house musical programs. In addition, we also aim to support schools in forming amazing school bands and building learner confidence and a sense of camaraderie. In fact, we have incredible client stories of pupils who were shy to perform in front of crowds, but after our lessons, they have developed confidence and played severally in school and beyond.

Here is a breakdown of our services per student group;

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